The Department of Computer Science was established as one of the pioneer departments at the inception of the University in the 2011/2012 session.

The department offers a 4-year B.Sc. degree programme in Computer Science. The Department offers a unique educational opportunity for students to achieve excellence through vigorous classes, practices and participation in cutting edge research. The Department is determined to achieve its ambitious goals in outstanding educational programs, novel research and community services. The most important and crucial element towards realization of these goals is the development and timely implementation of an innovative academic curriculum and other plans that enables the Department to utilize the opportunities, resources and supportive means available to it as a part of a new and growing university.


The vision of the Department is to be a leading academic centre of excellence in Computer Science and to supply the personnel and ideas that will shape the industry.


The mission of the Department is to build and develop human capacity to high level through comprehensive educational programmes, research collaboration with industry, government, dissemination through scholarly publications, and services to professional societies, the community, the state, the nation and world at large


The philosophy of the Department is graduates with high academics standard and adequate practical background for self-employment as well as being of immediate value to industry and the community at large. This will help to meet up with national goals and objectives of industrialization and self reliance


    The objectives of the Department are:

  • To create in students the awareness of and enthusiasm for Computer Science and its capabilities.
  • To involve the students in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.
  • To provide a broad and balanced foundation in Computer Science knowledge and practical skills.
  • To develop in students through an education in computer science a range of transferable applicable skills of information technology to all aspects of human endavours .
  • To generate in students an appreciation of the importance of computer in an industrial, economic, technological and social context.
  • To provide students with knowledge and skills base for further studies in computer science or multi-disciplinary studies involving computer science.


The Department is blessed with Twenty Eight (28) staff made up of twenty (20) Academic staff and eight (8) Non-academic staff. Presently, the Department has a total of 21 Lecturers that consists of a Senior Lecturer, one Lecturer I, eight Assistant Lecturers, ten Graduate Assistant, The non-academic staff comprises a Senior Technologist, a Secretary, a system analyst/programmer, an Admin Officer, a Senior Executive Officer(Accountant), an Admin Assistant, an Executive Officer, and an Office Assistant.