ICT Center – Unit Setup

ICT Centre Structure

In order to make the centre’s operations effective, the five (5) units was conceived. System Analyst, System Engineers, Programmers, Data/Information Managers, Technologists /Technicians and Computer Operators are the constituents of these units. These units are properly coordinated by the Head of the Unit and constantly checked by the Director. These units are made up of:

  1. Management Information System (MIS) Unit: To monitor and manage the university data/information, Operating Systems Administration, Power Infrastructure support, Database Administration, and Staff/Student information. Responsible for student records, staff records, ID Cards, and supply of information in desired formats. Working with examination officers to produce examination and lecture time table. Attending to staff/students complaints and enquiries.
  2. Network Administration and Internet Service: Responsible for the integrity, maintenance and efficiency of the Campus Network. Provision of Internet Services on campus, maintenance of all servers connected to the network security management. servers connected to the network and network security; Responsible for maintenance of network infrastructures i.e. optic fibres, wireless access points, Ethernet cables, switches, routers e.t.c. in all buildings on Campus; responsible for the maintenance of the VSAT farm; Responsible for CISCO administration. To work on the university Server/Storage infrastructure deployment and support, Local Area/Wide Area Network deployment and support; and Technical support for network operations.
  3. Training Unit: The concept of In-house training programmes are initiated to enable each unit develop and exchange appropriate skills essential to improve on their experience and productivity. Also short programs within and outside the University community will be open to staff of the centre. Certificate courses are organized for staff and other people interested in available certificate programmes of the Centre, which will be adverted appropriately.
  4. Hardware Maintenance Unit: Trouble-shooting culture is one of the focal points of the Centre; all troubles will be recorded while solutions are sort for.

Responsible for the trouble shooting and maintenance of computer systems and accessories within the University community; Responsible for routine maintenance of Central Computer Laboratory, and ICT Training Centre systems. University  desktop/laptop/ Printers/photocopier repairs and maintenance. Responsible for the trouble shooting and maintenance of computer systems and accessories within the University community.

Web Project Development & Management Unit: Responsible for development, management and updating of FUW website also include acquisition and management of virtual libraries, electronics books, teaching and learning aid, virtual laboratories and lecture materials and making them available to staff and students on the internet. Known as the university Website/Portal Administrator.

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Information Communication Technology
Federal University Wukari
P. M. B 11020 Wukari
Taraba State – Nigeria.

Email: ictcentre@fuwukari.edu.ng


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