Staff Information

ADEMU Lawrence Anebi
  • Name: Dr ADEMU Lawrence Anebi
  • Rank: Senior Lecturer
  • Department: Animal Production and Health
  • Email:
  • Responsibility: SiwesCoord
  • Phone Number: +234+2348032842923
  • Office Address: Department of Animal Production and Health Suite 29 Arch. Sunny Echeonu building complex Federal University Wukari, Wukari Wukari-Taraba, Nigeria
  • Research Interest: <p>Reproductive Physiology, Welfare and Stress mitigation</p>
  • Specialization: <p>Animal Physiology</p>

List of Publications

  1. Ademu, L.O., Gao, J., Thompson, O.P., Ademu, L.A.(2022). Impact of Short-Term Air Pollution on Respiratory Infections: A Time-Series Analysis of COVID-19 Cases in California during the 2020 Wildfire Season,International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,

  2. Ademu, L. A., Daudu, O. M., Jibrin, N., Mohammed, F.(2021). Thermoregulatory, Tibia Bone Geometry and Calcium Indices of Heat-Stressed Broiler Chickens Fed Toasted Sorrel Seed Meal,Nigerian Journal of Animal Science and Technology,

  3. Daudu, O. M., Kpachi, J., Clement, N. J., Odegbile, O. E., Salihu, E. A. and Ademu, L.A.(2020). Thermoregulatory, growth and blood indices of broiler chicks fed betaine hydrochloride supplemented diets under high ambient temperature,Nigerian Journal of Animal Production,

  4. Ademu, L.A., Daudu, O.M., Barje, P.P., Iyeghe-Erakpotobor, G.T.(2018). Carcass, Visceral and Immune Organ Responses to Dexamethasone-Induced Stress in Broiler Chickens,Journal of Animal Production Research,

  5. L.A. Ademu, G.T. Erakpatobor-Iyeghe, P.P. Barje, O.M. Daudu and R.J. Wafar(2018). Response of Broiler Chickens under Dexamethasone Induced Stress Conditions,Asian Journal of Research in Animal and Veterinary Sciences,

  6. L.A. Ademu, R.J. Wafar and L.O. Ademu(2018). Effect of Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) Fruit Waste (SOFW) with Acidomix®AFG on the Coliform Count in the Small Intestine of Weaner Rabbits,Asian Journal of Research in Animal and Veterinary Sciences,

  7. Oluremi Martha Daudu, Rahamatu Usman Sani, Iyetunde Ifeyori Adedibu, Lawrence Anebi Ademu, Gideon Shaibu Bawa, and Taiye Sunday Olugbemi(2014). Effect of Sweet Orange Fruit Waste Diets and Acidifier on Haematology and Serum Chemistry of Weanling Rabbits,Journal of Veterinary Medicine,

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