Department of English and Literary Studies

The Department of English and Literary Studies is one of the pioneer departments of the Federal University, Wukari. At inception, it had twenty five (25) students admitted in the 2011/2012 academic session. However, lectures actually began in October 2012. After one semester, the 2012/2013 set of students were also ready to begin their programme. The Department therefore ran two different semesters concurrently, and in the 2013/2014 session both sets of students merged into one class. Presently, the Department has three classes with a total student population of One Hundred and Sixty Nine (169), and an academic staff strength of twenty eight (28), as well as a complement of six (6) non-academic staff.

The pioneer Head of Department is Professor Halima B. A-Sekula who handed over, in October 2013 to the current head, Dr Bassey U. Bassey.


1.2        Aims and Objectives

The B.A. (Honours) in English and Literary Studies has the following objectives

i.             To provide a variety of courses that would lead the students to advance their knowledge and acquisition of English Language and of the Literature expressed in the language.

ii.           To provide academic tasks and intellectual challenges th      at would lead students to apply their knowledge of English and Literature to solve problems associated with everyday living.

iii.          To guide the students to acquire appropriate language and literary skills particularly in the context English as a second language environment, and the Literature associated with it.

iv.          To expose the students to current advances in scholarship in the areas of Literature, (in particular Nigerian and African Literature as major tributaries of World Literature), English Language acquisition and language use.

v.            To impart a humanistic perspective to students by acquainting them with literature as an expression of lofty ideas and aspirations.

vi.          To stimulate in the students the aptitude for creativity and innovation in the exploration of investment opportunities in the culture and art industry.

vii.         To orient students towards self-employment by a focus on skills such as creative writing and other kinds of original output through independent thought, inventiveness and creativity.


1.3        Vision


To be the first among equals in the advancement of knowledge through quality teaching and research propelled by the need to develop Character, Excellence and Service.


1.4        Mission

To create a centre where staff and students interact freely in the pursuit of knowledge, maintaining high moral standards, integrity and professional excellence.


The fundamental philosophy of the Department of English and Literary Studies is to promote scholarship and research that can lead to holistic development and advancement of mankind. The programme is centred on training language experts and literary giants who will positively affect their society and sustain socio-cultural, political, economic and moral development. Specifically, the programme is anchored on developing competences of the learners’ critical thinking and inquiry into teaching, research and services so as to enhance personal and societal growth and development. Through exposing them to the working of language and literature, the students grow in clarity of focus, thoughts, perception, development of creative capacity and competence in research works.   These, among others, make the B. A. English and Literary Studies a composite programme that emphasizes the promotion of scholarship in the humanistic and the foundation of knowledge and the aesthetic appreciation of humanistic education and positive transformation of the human and material resources that will provide solution to real life problems of mankind